Wanna know a secret?

Your marketing systems don’t need to be frustrating and confusing.

Stop wasting time feeling lost and overwhelmed! I'm here to help you put the pieces together, get your systems running seamlessly, and take your time back!

In case we haven’t met yet...

Hi! I'm Kathleen.

I help amazing entrepreneurs (just like you!) get rid of the confusion and frustration around their tech and back-end marketing systems so that they can spend their time doing work that MATTERS.

I lived and breathed marketing for 2 decades, working at an ad agency, a tech start-up, and then finishing my corporate career as a Director of Marketing for a division of a Fortune 50 company.

And during that time I set up and maintained a lot of different systems.

Several years ago I realized that I wanted more from my life than working for someone else and growing their businesses. I wanted to build something of my own and work with people I chose to work with - helping those, like me, who wanted to use their strengths to make a greater impact and serve others.

Kathleen Magee

Today I work with women like YOU who have the passion and vision, but are only lacking marketing strategy and get hung up on the tech.

There are so many other things you could be doing with the time it takes to research the tools you need, figure out how to install them, try and integrate them to your existing systems...realize those tools just broke something else, and head back to Google for more research.

I can save you tons of time by taking a look at your business, seeing which tools and systems are best for you (and which aren’t), help with the set up and integration, and get rid of those inefficiencies in your day so you get much more out of each hour you want to work.

I TOTALLY understand what you’re going through

I’m a former corporate cubie turned online entrepreneur.

I get the reasons, anxiety, and frustration you have from all the things you have to do to build, maintain and grow your business.

Because I felt the same things. Even though I understood marketing, I still struggled with the amount of moving parts involved in setting up the back-end processes and systems of an online business.

It wasn’t until I took what I had learned from my 2 decades in marketing and started to break things down into bite-sized steps that I realized how simple it can be!

Now I’m here to do the same for you.


In case you're just skimming, here's my story at-a-glance...

Kathleen Magee
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Mom to 2 awesome boys
  • Former Director of Marketing for Fortune 50 company
  • Jersey girl
  • Sephora addict
  • To-do list fanatic

Wanna learn how to get your marketing systems running effectively and efficiently? I'm ready when you are!